Operational Efficiency & Service Quality

At AAHL, we harness technology as a key enabler across industries to enhance processes and elevate customer service. Our ambitious Smart Airports Program exemplifies this commitment, focusing on boosting airport capacity, augmenting operational efficiency, and driving revenue growth. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, data optimization, and a simplified approach, we strive for excellence. Rigorous planning, inspiration from global industry leaders, and partnerships with third-party providers are cornerstones of our strategy, streamlining operations and offering passengers a seamless experience. In parallel, we're transforming service quality by transitioning from single-interaction customer service to a smart, hyper-personalized journey. By creating consistent "Magical Moments of Truth" at key touchpoints, we reshape brand perception, fostering advocacy, and connecting customers and employees in a total experience.

To ensure our customers have a memorable experience and a seamless journey at our airports, we made some significant changes to our infrastructure and introduced efficient operating systems.

  • Fully Automated Parking System at Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram Airports
  • Automated E-gates at T2 at Lucknow Airport and T1 at Guwahati Airport
  • A New Domestic-To-Domestic (DTD) Transfer Facility at Terminal 2, Mumbai Airport
  • Wheelchair Assistance Desk at Mumbai Airport
  • New Resting Facility at Mangaluru Airport
  • Unique Integrated Security Check Point at T2, Mumbai
  • Newly Inaugurated Extended Security Hold Area at Terminal 1 at Ahmedabad Airport