Making Airports Smarter

AAHL pioneers innovative airport development, merging technology and sustainability to elevate passenger experiences, revolutionizing aviation in India and setting a global benchmark.

Our Timeline

As the calendar turned, so did the pages of our journey.


Highlights of 2022-23

₹6,012 Cr.
Total Revenue
₹2,577 Cr.
Revenue from Aeronautical Segment
₹2,725 Cr.
Revenue from Non-Aeronautical Segment
₹1,728 Cr.
80 million
Total Passenger Traffic Movement
Percentage of the Overall Passenger Traffic in India
9,44,912 MT
Cargo Load Handled
Percentage of India's Air Cargo Traffic Handled
Air Traffic Movement
Carbon Neutrality Target
Renewable Source of Energy
Air Conditioners Upgraded to R32 Refrigerant
45,998 tCO2e
Emissions Reduced
No. of CO2-type Fire Extinguishers Replaced with Non-CO2-type
Total Employee Base
37.9 Years
Average Age of Employees
Employees for More than 5 Years (as % of Total)
Retention Rate
Directors' Gender Ratio
Women in Leadership Position

Navigating the Future of Airports!

We merge cutting-edge technology with a commitment to excellence, anchored in our smart, hyper-personalized Customer Experience strategy. Unified Data Lake drives customer insights, real-time enhancements, chatbots, kiosks, and app services, self-help avenues redefine journeys. Empowerment through innovation is our path to a bright airport future.

Growth through Operational Excellence

With a dedication to exceptional service, we go beyond to ensure seamless, memorable journeys. Transformative changes and efficient systems are our key to enhancing airport experience.


This biometric-driven self-boarding solution promises a smooth journey, from registration to takeoff. Every step is verified by advanced biometric tech, offering a document-free journey through the airport.

Automated E-Gates
Automated E-Gates

Lucknow Airport's T2 and Guwahati Airport's T1 now boast automated E-gates for enhanced security. Simply scan your boarding pass QR code for seamless entry, especially convenient for passengers with reduced mobility.

Integrated Security Check Point
Integrated Security Check Point

T2 at Mumbai Airport introduces a unique Integrated Security Check Point, allowing both domestic and international passengers to pass through the same security checkpoint. This enhances the travel experience and improves efficiency.

Wheelchair Assistance Desk
Wheelchair Assistance Desk

This assistance desk located at kerbside between Gate no. 1 & 2, Mumbai Airport, assists passengers with reduced mobility, coordinating with airlines or wheelchair agencies for a hassle-free journey.

Boarding Bites
Boarding Bites

Satisfy your taste buds on the go. With Boarding Bites, you can now order your beloved meals, snacks, or drinks at the airport and have them delivered to your gate, elevating your travel experience to a whole new level of perfection.